Casual Impact prakticky. Chcete vědět, kolik vám kampaně reálně vydělávají?

Thursday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM in NEWTON College

Pavel Jašek

Pavel is a true expert when it comes to evaluating website efficiency in terms of web analytics. He used to work as the lead of customer research at Tipsport, then for a long time as a web analyst in ""Dobrý web"", and he's now finishing his PhD studies at the University of Economics in Prague. A blogger, a lecturer, and a trainer. The workshop with Pavel will also be led by Marek Kobulský, a statistics expert who works as the Analytics & Optimization Architect for E-commerce Holding."

Why attend?

  • It's been a year since Sandra Camacho took the stage at the Marketing Festival to talk about CausalImpact. Haven't tried it yet? Together, you, Pavel & Marek will analyze examples of changes in SEO and UX in order to find out what impact they had.
  • You'll learn how much your campaigns really bring in, since the sum stated in Google Analytics for your newsletters is not accurate.
  • With the help of a control group, you'll be able to hold your ground, even when your boss comes to you and suggests: „Well, what if we just get rid of all this marketing?“

What will you learn?

You'll become familiar with the principle behind using control groups during marketing experiments. You'll learn to accurately evaluate profit from your e-mail newsletters and more complex campaigns. You'll learn what incrementality in marketing means. You'll learn to work with CausalImpact to evaluate incremental benefits of changes to a website. And also to validate attribution models using experiments."

Necessary knowledge

You'll appreciate this workshop if you are in charge of sending e-mails or a similar campaign targeted at existing clients to get some profit, be it through orders via e-shop, queries or sale of services. In Google Analytics you can find the data on the performance of your campaigns. At the workshop you'll need a laptop (Win, Mac or Linux) with R and Rstudio installed. Before the workshop you'll receive instructions on how to quickly learn to use R. However, you can already read through this article.

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