Yandex Direct (PPC) Practically – Complete Optimization Wizardry

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Olena Romanova

Olena works as a PPC auditor for Webnode and her passion in life is making PPC campaigns unicornly awesome. She has almost 4 years of experience with advertising systems and in that time she has managed to become a numbers dork, optimizing everything possible in the campaigns she manages and audits. Her main focus is business-guided optimization decisions and proper evaluation. On a less dorky note, Olena enjoys working as a PPC CRO specialist and making funny presentations.

Why attend?

  • Yandex search engine is still dominating Russian-speaking countries and using Yandex.Direct is a must when your company goes global.
  • This workshop is down-to-earth practical, Olena loves talking about hacking tricks and giving examples of her victories in advertising and is ready to share them to help you avoid learning the hard way.
  • You’ll get ready-to-use ideas and suggestions for ways of using Yandex.Direct for different business goals.
  • You’ll see why Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords should be set up differently and how the optimization process varies between them.

What will you learn?

The main benefit of this workshop is the instantly-applicable guide, full of tips for managing Yandex PPC campaigns that save you time, money and maybe even prevent stress-induced hair loss. Olena will show you the ropes - starting with account setup, to reporting and auditing your campaigns. This workshop's tips will be primarily focused on typical errors, highlighting the special features of the Yandex.Direct system, along with its money-saving optimization steps adjusted to this specific product.

Necessary knowledge

A basic understanding of PPC terminology and its logic is necessary, and prior experience with other PPC platforms is ideal, but not required. You should definitely bring your computer for interactive participation in the workshop. Setting up a Yandex.Direct account ahead of time will help you keep up with the explanations, but is not a must.

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