From interactions to conversions or Facebook Ads and working with content. Practically, with a focus on real results

Thursday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM in NEWTON College

Michal Černocký

By day, Michal takes care of PPC at PRIA, while he spends his nights working on his own projects. No matter where he is, he just lives his Facebook Ads campaigns; testing, optimizing, and sharing successful results, not only with clients, but also with student, like those at Blok expertů (Block of Experts) in Zlín or at Digisemestr, for example.

Why attend?

  • You'll see working strategies in specific examples of campaigns.
  • Michal will show you how to classify content in the performance part of the strategy.
  • You'll learn the procedure to measuring and evaluating campaigns."

What will you learn?

This workshop will provide you with a number of tips to make the maximum use of the content while focusing on real results, i.e. revenues, conversions, and leads. You'll learn how to think about targeting, how to measure, and how to evaluate campaigns like that. You'll also see a rather unconventional use of advertising formats and their results from testing. You and Michal will go through most frequent mistakes and he'll tell you how to avoid them. You'll also deal with video advertising and news in Facebook Ads from last few months - Local Awareness and Lead Generation.

Necessary knowledge

This workshop is designed mainly for content strategists and PPC specialists who administer campaigns for their clients or create content strategies for social networks.

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