Akta X aneb kam mizí super profíci v e-commerce? Pravda je tam někde venku

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Magda Divišová

Magda has been active in the world of e-commerce and HR for over 8 years. In Online People, together with Pavlina Zabojnikova they connect excellent Internet projects and productive online marketing and e-commerce specialists. As they say themselves: "You can have the best idea, thought or project in the world, but if you don't have the right people, you really have nothing." Magda also discusses people as well as business strategies with the leaders of interesting Czech e-shops within the Eshopista projects.

Why attend?

  • You'll learn about the pyramid of Czech e-commerce.
  • You'll find out why each phase of developing a business requires different experts.
  • You'll pick up tips on how to find the best people on the market.
  • Be ready for the experts on tomorrow's business markets.
  • You'll create your own X-Files.

What will you learn?

Investor funding is out there, start-ups without strong executives have almost no value, and those competent leaders are in very short supply. And the situation is only getting worse. How do you prepare for the explosive Molotov cocktail of super-modern technologies and merciless demographic data of the X generation and hipster Y generation? And who really is senior in e-commerce? You'll learn how to obtain excellent colleagues when you're small and nobody knows you. And also how not to lose your colleagues when things start growing and picking up speed. You'll learn to think about people as an investment, not a necessary evil.

Necessary knowledge

You have the necessary knowledge when: 1) You've hired the wrong colleagues so many times that you've even stopped using the words "hiring candidates". 2) You're aware of the fact that your business can grow as well as falter because of the people who push it further. 3) Your employees are not a bunch of your well-paid friends.

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