Tableau: Your meet-and-greet with the future of fun reporting

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Petr Havlík

A Prague Tableau User Group Leader and Web Analytics lecturer at Masaryk University. Petr currently works as a data plumber for Pond5 and his goal is to make sense of data.

Why attend?

  • You've heard about Tableau and would like to see how it can be used to support the data-drive philosophy within a company.
  • You are bored with Excel and old-fashioned reporting (no more LOOKUPs).
  • You want to improve your analytical skills and become a data storyteller.
  • You are looking for a powerful, cloud-based, automated reporting tool that is fun to use.
  • You'd like to impress your team with a set of fancy reports built with your own data (think cohorts, churn rate, etc.)."

What will you learn?

The workshop will have two parts. First you'll learn the basics of Tableau, as well as the more advanced features (table calculations, level of detail expressions, data-blending of multiple data sources). You'll also be introduced to the key concepts of building effective dashboards. In the second part you'll learn how to prepare a set of advanced reports. Ever heard of cohorts, churn rate, Pareto analysis or RFM? You will be able to prepare those in just a few minutes, without tedious data preparation – taking advantage of Tableau's flexibility and lightning speed. And if you decide to bring your own data, you will be able to share the insights about YOUR customers with your team right away.

Necessary knowledge

No previous experience with Tableau or any other analytical tool required, since we will be covering the very basics. Participants will have a chance to bring their own dataset (detailed technical instructions for your IT will be sent in advance). This won’t be a requirement though – training data will be provided, if needed. You'll need your own laptop (Win/Mac) with at least the trial version of Tableau installed (if your trial is already expired, let me know and I will make sure it gets extended).

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