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This is the only way for us to guarantee powerful content customized to the needs of our audience.

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More speakers from abroad, exclusive content, and a unique mobile application; the Marketing Festival has announced its innovations and programs for 2015

This year the conference on digital marketing, which attracts over a thousand marketers from all over the world every year, will be full of innovations concerning its program and organization. The third year’s Marketing Festival will take place in November 26–28, 2015, in Brno andwill focus mainly on exclusive content and better networking between marketers from both the Czech Republic and abroad. Among the speakers, Marty Neumeier, the author of The Brand Gap, will talk about his unique know-how and years of experience gathered working on global campaigns. PPC guru Larry Kim, and Daniel Waisberg, respected analyst from the London branch of Google, are also on the substantial list of noteworthy speakers. In addition to the lectures and workshops, conference attendees may look forward to a more extensive supporting program and a unique mobile application for networking.

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