Zákaznická analytika pro e-commerce

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Marek Prokop

According to Wikipedia, Marek Prokop is a Czech consultant and SEO expert. However, for those of us who know him, this description is, to put it nicely, minimalistic. This marketing punk among other things claims that “common sense” is not a pejorative expression in marketing. You can currently follow his work on his blog dokosiku.blogspot.cz, where he openly comments on the joys and sorrows of his Čaj týdne (Tea of the Week) e-shop."

Why attend?

  • You’re unhappy with how much money you spend on new customers.
  • You want to do something about the number of repeat customers in your e-shop.
  • Or maybe you’ve got no idea how many customers actually come back to your e-shop.
  • You want to boost the the overall effectiveness of your emailing and marketing.

What will you learn?

Have a go at analyzing customer data and figure out the best ways to apply it. You’ll figure out how dependent you are on acquiring new customers and if your business would remain viable even without them.

Necessary knowledge

You have to bring an export of data from the customer database and your e-shop orders or another e-commerce project. You will receive an exact specification of the file before the workshop. We also suppose you can work well with Excel, Google sheets and similar data analyzing tools.

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