Jak na automatizaci správy PPC kampaní pomocí OpenRefine

Thursday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM in NEWTON College

Karel Rujzl

Karel Rujzl is a marketing consultant at PeckaDesign. He created his first website 15 years ago and has been making waves in this discipline ever since. PPC campaign automation and marketing are his thrills. Why? Because then he has some time left for development itself. Currently, he thinks of little else than Adwords scripts and data scraping. Petr Bureš, his colleague specializing in SEO and data mining, will assist him.

Why attend?

  • How to quickly analyze the Google Purchase feed in OpenRefine.
  • You'll learn a trick to find out what's new with your clients using OpenRefine.
  • You'll learn how to extract the data necessary for your campaigns.
  • You'll learn to monitor your competitors' advertising using scraping in OpenRefine.
  • Karel will show you how to work with queries and check whether links really work."

What will you learn?

Don't expect any theory. Karel is going to show you examples of how to efficiently work with OpenRefine when administering PPC campaigns. He'll also teach you tricks you can use in your work, and you'll surely think of other ways to use them. Automation - that's the motto of this workshop!

Necessary knowledge

This workshop is designed for administrators of PPC campaigns who'd like to start using OpenRefine, mainly for beginners and false beginners. Bring your laptop with OpenRefine installed on it.

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