Jak na automatizaci PPC pomocí skriptů v AdWords i v Skliku

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Jakub Kašparů

At Lynt, Jakub is in charge of training, work systems, and developing PPC campaign automation. His passions are Adwords scripts that can automate client reports, and scripts that save administrators dozens of hours of work. Scripts that help you make decisions when administering big accounts. In his leisure time, he's recently published some internal scripts on his blog, ppc-scripts.eu. Besides Adwords scripts, he and his colleagues came up with a javascript-based method to automate administration and reports in the Sklik interface in the Google Apps Scripts environment.

Why attend?

  • You'll learn how to use and modify simple Adwords scripts based on AWQL.
  • You'll see how to work with data using database queries in the Google Sheets environment.
  • You'll get an overview of internal scripts, e.g. A/B testing of advertising using statistics functions, scripts to monitor and modify offers for click-throughs, monitoring search queries or sending quality score data to Big Query.
  • You'll learn to use popular Adwords scripts and procedures on Sklik.
  • At the end you'll implement and test your working procedures when administering campaigns."

What will you learn?

You'll master the role of a PPC administrator without previous programming knowledge. Jakub will teach you how to use and modify simple scripts written in the AWQL database language. Besides Adwords scripts, you'll also deal with scripting on Sklik, where we can make use of similar scripts using a translated API. At the end of the workshop, all the attendees will obtain access to the beta version of Sklik scripts. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also get 5 internal scripts for Google Adwords and Seznam Sklik.

Necessary knowledge

No knowledge of programming necessary. It's good to know functions in Excel and Google Sheets. This workshop is suitable for PPC experts who administer big client accounts in Adwords and Sklik on a daily basis and need to maximize the automation of their reports and their work in general.

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