Tools & Tips to turn YOU into Google Tag Manager superstar!

Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in NEWTON College

Phil Pearce

Phil is an independent Digital Analytics, PPC & SEO consultant based in the UK. Over the past 14 years Phil has been helping clients improve their analytics and search engine marketing through the introduction of new tools and disruptive techniques. “Fail Fast – Succeed Faster” is the motto behind Phil’s approach. Phil is renowned for his in-depth technical skills and the ability to solve business challenges through innovative technological solutions. Prior to going independent, Phil worked for optimisation agency Conversion Works as a Google Analytics and search specialists and several other agencies prior to that. Phil holds a BA in Business Studies from the University of Luton. He is a GAIQ certified as well as holding search marketing certifications from the main search engines (Google & Bing).

Why attend?

  • Learn how to:
  • Plan a migration from GA classic to GTM & GA universal (order of attack)
  • Avoid the top 10 common GTM mistakes (kryptonite to avoid)
  • Save time with CMS plugins & GTM auto-configuration files (quick wins)
  • Understand GTM features such as lookup tables, auto-events and CSS events listeners (super-powers)
  • Apply advanced solutions to your business, using examples from a large GA premium implementation I have completed recently (destroying big baddies)

What will you learn?

You will learn how to avoid common mistakes and unlock your GTM super-powers, that will super-charge your analysis & data driven ability to destroy bad guys! You will also be provided with these takeaways: Migration checklist PPT template for GTM audit GoogleSheet template for automatically quality assurance testing of GTM Access to a shared GTM script library Free developer guide eBook for GTM for Website and GTM for Apps

Necessary knowledge

The workshop is intermediate to advanced levels. Previous experience with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager is definitely a huge plus. It is recommended to have taken the GTM fundamentals exam. A laptop is required for this session. Lex Luthor`s need not apply ;)

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