Data Analytics Framework: Putting context into data

Saturday: 16:00 - 16:45 Actionable

A single data point isn’t all that useful for understanding how something works, but neither is a big pile of stats. Context is the key to making metrics actionable, it will turn numbers into something more. In this talk, Daniel Waisberg will go through a framework to help guide the data analysis process. The framework is based on a matrix, called TITE (time, interactions, trends, and events), which takes both internal and external factors into consideration as well as influences and the need for comparison. Using a hypothetical example, he will share how it can be used to transform data into a meaningful story.

Daniel Waisberg

We can just feel the hearts of all web analysts leaping with joy now! Daniel ranks among the best educated persons in this discipline, and this Analytics Advocate from the London branch of Google is coming to the Festival with a very specialized speech for true enthusiasts. And if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of him, take a thorough look at his website,

In our opinion, one of the smartest analytical minds in the world. We are very honored that he's set aside some of his precious time for our Festival.