The Day Google AdWords Changed Forever!

Saturday: 16:45 - 17:25 Actionable

On the 25th June 2015, Google finally allowed us to use audiences created in Google Analytics to reach our customers on Google Search. This has been a game changer. Brendan & his colleague Ciaran will discuss 5 ways you can leverage these audiences within your Google AdWords campaign to drive conversion and maximise account efficiency. All insights will be supported by actual Client case studies and real world results. If you are struggling to find value in RLSAs this talk will arm you with the practical skills you need to target your customers throughout the purchase funnel using custom audience lists.

Brendan Almack

Do you know Wolfgang Digital? This PPC agency from Dublin closely cooperates with Google and is known for overwhelming audiences with its knowledge and case studies and gets justly rewarded for it. And to make the deal even sweeter, we are even cooperating with Brendan on Wolfgang Digital’s unique study on the PPC data of its clients!

HANG ON! There's a strong chance that Brendan won't be lecturing alone up there on stage. Wolfgang Digital is famous for working their presentation magic in pairs :)