The New Age of Brand Building: Creative Link Building

Saturday: 14:45 - 15:30 Actionable

The link building game has completely evolved and apparently more competitive than ever in any vertical. The web and its users’ evolution have transformed the practice more as a branding tool – and no longer solely just for search optimization. This presentation will talk about the most effective tactics and approaches for link development today – whether you’re working on a small, medium or enterprise-level campaign, you’re covered.

Jason Acidre

Don’t let the photo confuse you – Jason Acidre is a respected SEO expert! He lives in the Phillippines, owns a successful agency, and most of his clientele comes from the USA. A fairytale? No, just hard work. Check out his blog Kaiser The Sage for a number of technical articles or his Twitter account which is very closely followed by the biggest digital stars.

Our first speaker from the Philippines ever, as well as the youngest one we've ever had a chance to see on stage here. SEO experts will be just thrilled!