Video for SEO, CRO, Social and Beyond!

Saturday: 17:25 - 17:50 Strategic

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of many companies' marketing funnel, but knowing what to create and how to optimise it is incredibly difficult. Phil will be running through 3 types of videos all brands, big and small, should be creating; and providing tactical tips to ensure every video provides ROI in a matter of weeks rather than months. He'll cover social video optimisation, CRO with video, what video SEO looks like in 2016 and how you can measure the effectiveness of video in a meaningful way.

Phil Nottingham

Phil is not new to the Festival, as he came here for the first time two years ago. The smart facts he bombarded us with at machine-gun speed resonated throughout the online world for a long time after the Festival. What has changed since? This British expert joined another employer but he keeps on designing video strategies, for example for Red Bull or Coca Cola. And he’s going to tell you how he does it. At the average speed of 180 words per minute.

Phil Nottingham has been the fastest speaking expert for a very long time. We couldn't get enough of his practical lectures two years ago, so he's coming back to Brno again this year!