Finding Your Onlyness: How to Make Your Brand Different and Compelling

Čtvrtek 14:00 - 17:00 v NEWTON College

Marty Neumeier

Who else could claim to have been there when products by Apple, Adobe Systems, or Hewlett-Packard were born? He received hundreds of awards as a graphic designer and copywriter during the last quarter of century. Now he teaches companies how to bridge the gap between business strategy and design. Nearly ten million people have read his book The Brand Gap, and his book Zag has been named one of the "top hundred business books of all time.”

Proč jít na workshop?

  • Marty is a renowned brand consultant and author of six books on brands and innovation.
  • His book ZAG (about the power of “onlyness”) was named one of the “100 Top Business Books of All Time.”
  • For 40-plus years, he has consulted with innovative companies such as Apple, Twitter, Google, Adobe, Patagonia, BMW, and PayPal.
  • His clear, simple methods work for any size company, including B2C, B2B, and services.

Co se naučíte?

In this workshop you'll learn a simple way to out-position, out-maneuver, and out-design the competition. You'll complete this sentence: “Our brand is the ONLY ________ that __________." Once you have the answer, you can move forward with fewer competitors and higher profit margins. The session will alternate between clear explanations and hands-on exercises.

Potřebné znalosti

All you need is a company, product, or service to work on. It can be your own company, a client's company, or a start-up idea. It will help if you have read one of Marty’s books, such as THE BRAND GAP, ZAG, THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY, or THE BRAND FLIP. This is not necessary, however, since the session contains all the information you'll need. The workshop is aimed at marketers, brand strategists, designers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other professionals responsible for branding.

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