Highend CRM with low cost tools

Friday: 17:00 - 17:45 Actionable

Bjoern Sjut shows a dozen tricks and tips to push you from just sending email newsletter to implementing highly automated CRM – but on a low cost infrastructure. From eye openers on subject line and send time to leveraging post view tracking in emails to understand what mails convert beyond the click. From simple tricks in email template setup to leveraging external data sources like weather data for marketing automation. Bjoern will ensure that all tips are practical – showing real life applications – and present quick wins you can implement tomorrow alongside practical insights on how high end CRM implementations are done – and how you can find a very cost efficient route to leverage its potential.

Bjoern Sjut

When we asked the guys from MailChimp who uses their projects to do the most interesting things, they instantly said Bjoern and Finc3 agency without even thinking about it. And Bjoern’s incredibly practical speech is guaranteed to appeal to all those interested in the CRM solution and increasing e-mailing performance.

We asked the people in Mailchimp who can do the most interesting things with their product, and they recommended Bjoern. And you'll get to find out why!