Conquering International Search Markets: The key ingredients for international SEO success in competitive countries

Friday: 10:20 - 11:00 Actionable

Expanding and growing your web search presence abroad can be tough, especially if you're starting from scratch in competitive countries and industries. You now have something less to worry about though: Aleyda will share insights, actionable tips and steps to follow to maximize your chances of success learned by doing international SEO to hundreds of sites across the globe for multinational to local startups in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Aleyda Solis

This passionate Spaniard is one European SEO consultant who is hard to miss. Aleyda specializes in international SEO, and apart from her activities in Europe, she’s active in Latin America and the USA as well. This regular publisher at the MOZ blog overwhelms conference-goers with her knowledge and the volume of data she has collected. And we believe she’s going to enchant you, too!

Aleyda is the only woman in this year's program, and there's another special thing about her = she's the most energetic speaker in the mix :)