How to build your own automated bidding system in less than 6 weeks

Friday: 15:00 - 15:45 Actionable

Bidding has become more difficult. With over 1000 changes in AdWords last year, there is a new level of complexity that cannot be managed by any humanoid. With automation now a necessity, Daniel will run through a number of real-world examples of bidding automation. Once you've finished this session you'll have all the tools you need to bid better than 90% of advertisers.

Daniel Gilbert

Daniel is a founder of a PPC agency in London; only Brainlabs is no ordinary PPC agency. In addition to their AdWords geniuses, there are mathematicians, scientists, and programmers who prepare scripts, frameworks, and automations customized to each job. And for their efforts and prowess they’ve received numerous awards. Our great hope and a damn advanced lecture!

Remember Martin Roettgerding from last year? A practical contribution ready to be used; and that's exactly what Dan's speech is going to be about.