Presentation of 5 case studies from the Czech online pond!

Case studies from the Czech Republic

And each presenter has 10 minutes to blow you away. All the case studies will be presented in Czech but there’s no need to panic; if you want to listen to the whole block, just borrow our headphones for simultaneous translation into English. If you have any questions, invite a presenter to chat over a cup of coffee or a beer at one of the parties we’ve prepared for you.

Advanced Google Adwords and Seznam Sklik campaign automation + scripts for you

Jakub Kašparů - Lynt Services

How we use RLSA on Slevomat

Radek Hudák - Slevomat

How we measure content in LMC and make better decisions

Jakub Chour - LMC

The magic Heureka script: How to double income without increasing costs

Pavol Adamčák - ui42

Media monitoring for SEO; results, processes and scripts to download

Martin Šimko - RobertNě