Marketing Festival 2015

Digital Marketing Event

November 26th—28th, 2015, Brno, Czech Republic

The setup for #mktfest 2015

Specialized Lectures

Specialized Lectures

We personally vouch for each and every speaker we’ve chosen. We attend conferences all over the world to find not only speakers worth listening to, but also topics you won’t get a chance to hear about anywhere else.

Unique Case Studies

Unique Case Studies

Theory is great and all, but nothing beats practice. Once again, case studies from both the Czech Republic and abroad are going to be an important part of the program. And, as usual, you’ll be the first audience on the planet to hear about them!

Useful Workshops

Useful Workshops

We’re not very fond of speaking in general. Specific and ready-to-use – that’s exactly what these intensive sessions are about.

Festival Atmosphere

Festival Atmosphere

Some things just can’t be expressed in words – you just have to experience them! Once again we’ve been working on something really special. And don’t be mad, but we’re going to keep this one a secret for a little while longer.

The stars of this year’s stage
at Janáček Theatre

Larry Kim

You can find his name on Forbes’ list of TOP 10 most influential online marketing experts, and the PPC Hero blog even declared him the most influential PPC expert in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Larry Kim! This leading PPC expert and CEO of WordStream has exclusive access to a huge volume of data thanks to his software for AdWords campaign management. And the good news is that he’s not afraid to speak about it! So you can add Larry’s extremely useful speech to your list of things to look forward to.

Marty Neumeier

Who else could claim to have been there when products by Apple, Adobe Systems, or Hewlett-Packard were born? He received hundreds of awards as a graphic designer and copywriter during the last quarter of century. Now he teaches companies how to bridge the gap between business strategy and design. Nearly ten million people have read his book The Brand Gap, and his book Zag has been named one of the "top hundred business books of all time.” He comes to Brno to reveal principles from his latest book—The Brand Flip.

Daniel Waisberg

We can just feel the hearts of all web analysts leaping with joy now! Daniel ranks among the best educated persons in this discipline, and this Analytics Advocate from the London branch of Google is coming to the Festival with a very specialized speech for true enthusiasts. And if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of him, take a thorough look at his website,

Aleyda Solis

This passionate Spaniard is one European SEO consultant who is hard to miss. Aleyda specializes in international SEO, and apart from her activities in Europe, she’s active in Latin America and the USA as well. This regular publisher at the MOZ blog overwhelms conference-goers with her knowledge and the volume of data she has collected. And we believe she’s going to enchant you, too!

Bart Schutz

Bart is consumer psychologist and one of the few international leading voices on online persuasion and consumer behaviour. He has both academic, as well as over 15 years of strategical & practical experience in creating more effective and persuasive online dialogues. Bart is co-founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at, author of the and inventor of the -evidence everything- based 'Brain Decision Matrix'.

Jason Acidre

Don’t let the photo confuse you – Jason Acidre is a respected SEO expert! He lives in the Phillippines, owns a successful agency, and most of his clientele comes from the USA. A fairytale? No, just hard work. Check out his blog Kaiser The Sage for a number of technical articles or his Twitter account which is very closely followed by the biggest digital stars.

Cyrus Shepard

This representative of the American MOZ has already experienced the atmosphere of the Marketing Festival. In his speech he dealt with changes in the Google algorithm and with the future of searches in general. And what has he cooked up this year? Well, we’ll be sharing that with you in a few short months… Rest assured, though – your patience will definitely pay off!

Brendan Almack

Do you know Wolfgang Digital? This PPC agency from Dublin closely cooperates with Google and is known for overwhelming audiences with its knowledge and case studies and gets justly rewarded for it. And to make the deal even sweeter, we are even cooperating with Brendan on Wolfgang Digital’s unique study on the PPC data of its clients!

Bjoern Sjut

When we asked the guys from MailChimp who uses their projects to do the most interesting things, they instantly said Bjoern and Finc3 agency without even thinking about it. And Bjoern’s incredibly practical speech is guaranteed to appeal to all those interested in the CRM solution and increasing e-mailing performance.

Oli Gardner

This likeable Canadian claims to have seen more landing pages than anybody else on our planet. A co-founder of Unbounce, an A/B testing service, he is among respected experts in CRO. Just like Larry Kim, he has access to an unimaginable volume of data that he’s bringing to the stage at the Festival.

Daniel Gilbert

Daniel is a founder of a PPC agency in London; only Brainlabs is no ordinary PPC agency. In addition to their AdWords geniuses, there are mathematicians, scientists, and programmers who prepare scripts, frameworks, and automations customized to each job. And for their efforts and prowess they’ve received numerous awards. Our great hope and a damn advanced lecture!

Dan Gridin

This Russian B2B expert specializes in truly unique disciplines and technologically demanding products; products designed for only several dozens of clients, although big and complex ones. So get ready for a sidewinder, coming from a man whose LinkedIn profile describes his job as B2B Marketing Top-Gun from Russia.

Dan Petrovic

Our international team has been joined by a man from yet another continent! True, Dan Petrovic was born in Serbia, but he lives and does business in Australia, as head of respected SEO agency Dejan Marketing. Dan consistently ranks among the best speakers at prestigious international conferences such as SMX and SEOktoberfest. His mission is the same in Brno.

Phil Nottingham

Phil is not new to the Festival, as he came here for the first time two years ago. The smart facts he bombarded us with at machine-gun speed resonated throughout the online world for a long time after the Festival. What has changed since? This British expert joined another employer but he keeps on designing video strategies, for example for Red Bull or Coca Cola. And he’s going to tell you how he does it. At the average speed of 180 words per minute.

Unique Case Studies

Once again you’ll have a chance to take a look at how the competitors do it. And, as usual, you’ll be the first audience on the planet to hear about them! Uncommon projects and interesting numbers and results that will make even seasoned marketers raise their eyebrows.

Useful Workshops

Twenty paid workshops will take place on Thursday, November 26, in addition to the main program, and half of you have the chance to be there. Details, prices, and registration time will be announced in the fall.

3 parties Every night a different scene

5 bands Both foreign and domestic

Festival Atmosphere

Here’s your chance to invite a speaker for a cup of coffee, size up your competitors over a beer, or meet and mingle at our legendary parties. #mkftest is a four-day festival – intense on all levels.

Mind-blowing references

Wojtek Mazur

To describe the Marketing Festival in just a few sentences would be a disservice. Being a part of its second edition felt like being a part of history. My prediction is simple; Marketing Festival will go places and will be a force to reckon with in the industry.

Dr. Peter Meyers MOZ

Marketing Festival was easily one of the most professional events I’ve ever attended or spoken at. The setting, technology and speakers were first class, and the attendees completely changed my perspective of European SEO.

Mark Johson Andertons Music Company

The best way to describe Marketing Festival is ‘Work Hard and Play Hard’. I came for the amazing line up of internationally renowned speakers but ended up loving it for a whole host of other reasons too: beautiful city, great new friends and more!

Julie Joyce Link Fish Media

There was not a single session that I didn’t enjoy and learn something from and the networking events were incredibly fun and well run. I’d highly recommend that anyone in digital marketing attend this event.

Michal Pařízek AVAST Software

Marketing Festival is a massively impressive event! No other conference I’ve ever attended has given me so many thoughts, notes and ideas, I really suggest you take a day off after the event to absorb it all.

Marek Prokop Prokop Software

It was a pleasure and an honor for me to be a part of such an amazing event. Even before the Festival it was apparent that something extraordinary was going to happen, but the reality has greatly surpassed all my expectations.

Hana Hutlová VIVANTIS online retailers

This event is an absolute blast in terms of content, fresh topics and unique speakers, we’re definitely not going to miss next year’s Festival. If we could pick just one event to go to in 2015, that’s where we’re headed.

Pavel Jašek Tipsport

Marketing Festival may be a small step for Brno, but it is a huge leap for European marketers. Avinash Kaushik’s pointed insights, real numbers from Julie Joyce and Russell Savage’s scripts still resonate deeply with me.

What’s covered by the price of the ticket?

Unlimited access to all the lectures
Decadent catering throughout the whole event
Entry to the afterparties
Opportunity to register for Thursday workshops
Access to the festival videoarchive
Simultaneous translation via headphones

Sold out! Not to worry, though. Just like last year, we'll be offering high-quality videos of all the lectures.

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